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: Customer Service - Guest Experience is Job # 1


It is the basic tenant of business - customer service / guest experience - no matter what you call it - others must call it “GOOD” or better yet “GREAT.” Few businesses succeed if they forget that they are there for the customer, not A customer, “the customer”, better yet “their customer.” People…

"Let us use this as a catalyst to move forward and always remember that we are serving “our customers”, people who - at least at the moment - like us and want to do business with us, and their confidence, trust and friendship is ours to win or lose. They extended the first hand of relationship by showing up at our front door - physical or virtual - let us return the favor by making their experience everything they expected it to be and more."

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Taco Bell: Extreme customer service experience.

A merry prankster got the people of Bethel, Alaska (pop. 6,200, closest fast food fix: 400 miles) all atwitter with the mouth-wateringly real news that Taco Bell was opening a restaurant in the tiny town. When word of the hoax and the ensuing broken hearts got to Taco Bell, through its social media team, a whole phalanx of brand personnel mobilized. The end result: Taco Bell airlifted a taco truck into Bethel with enough fixings—950 pounds of beef, 300 pounds of lettuce, 150 pounds of cheddar cheese, 500 pounds of sour cream, and 300 pounds of tomatoes—for 10,000 (free) tacos.

Wherein a company embraced a situation that they were not responsible for and went out of their way (seriously out of their way) to turn a practical joke around.